Joe Horwat

Head Trainer, and Coach

I started this journey at a young age. I played many organized sports and loved working out in the gym. When I was in 9th grade I joined a weight lifting club which took my fitness and training to the next level. I was blown away by how much it excelled me in sports and in my self-confidence. Within a few years, I became an All American Wrestler and earned a full scholarship to college. I was hooked!

In college, I fine-tuned my knowledge by studying exercise science and education. I also found my passion for the outdoors and all types of activities to enjoy it. While I was in college I took education seriously and acquired the best certifications in the industry. There was no turning back, and I knew this is the career I wanted to pursue in life.

Post-college I moved to Boulder Colorado, the fitness mecca of the planet. I submerged myself deeply into the personal training and sports performance industry. During this time I had the opportunity to train some amazing people and world class athletes. While I was working with them, many met and exceeded their goals by winning local, regional, national and world championships.

I took the same proven scientific training principals that I used with professional athletes and applied them to people of all ages, sexes, and athletic abilities. People got amazing results and it had a huge positive influence on both their physical and mental state. I noticed people trying new sports, exploring the outdoors more, and having more fun with their families and friends. They worked hard and acquired the confidence and fitness to do about what they always wanted.

I have created the Outdoor Athlete Project to empower more people and to give them the tools needed to live life to the fullest. It is not just about health and fitness training or sports performance coaching. It is about chasing your dream life, working hard towards your goals, and making it happen. I am excited what the future holds for all of us, and look forward to having you join us on this amazing journey.

Specialties Included

  • Personal / Online / Team and Group Training
  • Sports Specific Conditioning / Strength and Power Development
  • Fat Loss / Muscle Toning / Nutritional Counseling
  • Injury Prevention / Post Physical Therapy
  • Senior- 60 plus / Youth / Women’s Fitness
  • Educating people on how to train properly for their specific goals

General Education and Certifications:

  • American College of Sports Medicine, Exercise Physiologist
  • USA Weightlifting, Olympic Sports Performance Coach
  • University of New Mexico, B.Sc.Ed in Secondary Science Education
  • Terra Method, Bike Coach and Guide
  • International Free Ski and Snowboard Association Coach
  • Winter Park Competition Center Mountain Bike & Snowboard Coach

“I have been a professional in the health, fitness, and sports performance industry in Boulder for the past 20 years. During this time I have developed a very safe, systematic, and result-based training system to help people meet and exceed their goals. My clients have been in the age range of 8-98 years old, both female and male, and come from all types of athletic backgrounds. I use proven scientific principals and training techniques, then customize them for my clients based on their needs and goals. In addition I can teach you how to optimize results in the gym while still living a healthy and balanced life.”

Joe Horwat Head Trainer, and Coach


Working with Joe for the past few months has been great. Prior to the start of working with him I wasn’t very familiar with working out and what type of exercises I should be doing. As I started using Joe I was given the knowledge on what to do to allow me to perform at the top level in...

Austin D.

Being an elite ski, snowboard, and mountain biking organization, whose members primarily reside over an hour away, having scheduled in-person training for our teams really was not an option.  Getting athletes the support they needed at an affordable price, to be able to do the training that...

Stephanie Zavilla, M.A., CMPC
Director of Sports Performance
Winter Park Competition Center

Working with Joe has made a tremendous impact on my quality of life.  I've been pretty active for  as long as I can remember.  As a former collegiate wrestler and avid outdoor enthusiast I have taken my share of  lumps and injuries over the years.  At 45 years old I was starting to really feel the...


Coach Joe set me up on a program in April of this year in preparation for the upcoming bike season. In the summertime, I spend most of my time riding cross country/enduro style biking with a little DH. In the wintertime, I like to spend my time backcountry skiing with a little resort skiing...


Before I met Joe, I was a typical type-A executive and spent my life at a desk. Yes, I was active doing actives such as hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, biking, etc., when time permitted, but I hadn’t seriously worked out in years. During this time my back went out very badly and I was in pain for over a month. My physical therapist recommended Joe and his training programs. After working with him I realized what a knowledgeable trainer could do...


Joe was a game-changer for me! I had worked with other trainers in the past, but learned very quickly that he was not "just a trainer"; he's more of a fitness life coach!...


I am a dancer (jazz, tap, modern) and a member of 40 Women Over 40 (dance company in Boulder). I also enjoy hiking and running on the local trails. I have been training in the weight room with Joe consistently since April 2006. I wanted more power and sharpness in my dancing. I had intended to work with him through that summer and learn some new stuff. He was so good that I never stopped...


I worked with several personal trainers before moving to Colorado and meeting and training with Joe. Let me just say that Joe is the real deal! He has taught me that fitness is much more than big muscles and looking good...
Will family


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