In the time of COVID-19, it’s more important than ever to keep up your fitness routine and no community knows that better than Boulder’s active population. Not only does regular exercise boost immunity and support positive mental health (two big bonuses right now!) the connection with your personal trainer is an essential relationship that provides the social support and connection that we are all craving.

Personal training in Boulder was once reliant on a gym and access to equipment, but is now turning into 100% home-based training. A great personal trainer knows that you don’t need lots of equipment to deliver incredible fitness results — just you, your device, and a customized personal training program are all that’s required to achieve your fitness goals.

Read on to learn exactly why exercise is critical for health and well-being especially during this unprecedented time, and how you can be successful with online and personal training even if all you have for equipment are your own arms and legs.

Health Benefits of Personal Training During COVID-19

Immunity: Regular physical exercise has been shown to strengthen the immune system by increasing circulation, lymph flow, and white blood cell count. Moderate activity is enough to help your body’s natural defense against infections, and as little as 45 minutes of activity per day can have a huge impact on your immunity. Outdoor Athlete Project training programs will help you make the most of your workout to improve your overall health and well-being.

Mental Health: Moderate physical activity improves mental health by significantly reducing anxiety and depression while increasing self-esteem and overall cognitive function. Exercise can improve your sleep and release chemicals like endorphins and serotonin which will boost your mood. Keeping up a regular exercise training program will help you deal with the stress of the coronavirus pandemic so that you can keep achieving your goals.

Social Connection: Working out with a personal trainer creates a positive social relationship that will feed your need for connection and community during these times of separation. Whether your workout is online or in-person, a personal trainer will keep you accountable to your goals and provide support and encouragement to keep you motivated. That “personal touch” is part of what makes Outdoor Athlete Project unique — we genuinely care about each client and understand that the relationship is just as important as the results.

Home-Based and Personal Training in Boulder

No gym? No problem! Outdoor Athlete Project offers online and personal training programs that require little to no equipment and can be done from home. We are currently offering outdoor personal training sessions in Boulder, Colorado in addition to our Basic and Premium Online Training programs. There’s no excuse to not stay physically, mentally and emotionally healthy. Join us now and start training today!