I am one of Joe’s old guy clients. I have worked with him for 4 years now, beginning at age 60. My introduction was through his “Joega” core strengthening and flexibility group exercise class. I found this class to be both challenging and brilliantly conceived. After a few months of training with him, I found relief from chronic tennis elbow, longstanding foot pain, and nearly half a century of low back problems. Joe’s unfailing encouragement overshadowed inevitable frustrations arising from difficult training movements. That encouragement has continued for years now, and my strength, balance and flexibility continue to improve. Joe has now set me up with a customized workout routine in the weight room to complement my active lifestyle. I find myself wishing I had found him and his workouts decades ago. I recommend Joe without qualification to all friends and acquaintances. I would also like to note that along with his expertise and good cheer, he is as nice to the average old guy, as he is to his world-class athletes. I cannot thank him enough!