I am so thankful to have found Joe. His impact has been truly life-changing. Living in Boulder, I am surrounded by so many fit people who seemed to “love exercise” and I simply did not. When I started with Joe 18 months ago, I was not exercising at all. I had tried classes, fitness clubs, triathlon clubs, etc. and I did not stick with anything, and they all felt like a chore. Joe helped me understand how fitness works, how to spend time efficiently in the gym, and how to incorporate fitness into my overall life. The programs he creates for me are fun, challenging, and interesting. Now I am strong, fit, and enjoy working out so much, that I look forward to my time in the gym. I feel knowledgeable about form, keeping my body safe from injury, and I notice increased energy in all parts of my life. I believe at 41 years old I am now in the best shape of my life, thanks to Joe!