I am a dancer (jazz, tap, modern) and a member of 40 Women Over 40 (dance company in Boulder). I also enjoy hiking and running on the local trails. I have been training in the weight room with Joe consistently since April 2006. I wanted more power and sharpness in my dancing. I had intended to work with him through that summer and learn some new stuff. He was so good that I never stopped. Joe’s scientific and systematic approach got me results fast. I started moving quicker and bigger, without getting tired or sore. I gained a half-inch in height and my bone density significantly increased in my fifties!

My workouts are constantly changing depending on my other activities, goals, or what my body needs at the time. I had foot surgery recently so we’ve been doing some rehab. Last month I added his Joega class to my routine. I am surprised how workouts with 3-pound weights can be just as challenging as the big weights at the gym. Joe has extensive knowledge of fitness and how to train all ages and abilities for all kinds of activities. He is fun, a great motivator, and he’s a sweetheart. I appreciate him as a trainer and admire him as a person.