Coach Joe set me up on a program in April of this year in preparation for the upcoming bike season. In the summertime, I spend most of my time riding cross country/enduro style biking with a little DH. In the wintertime, I like to spend my time backcountry skiing with a little resort skiing. I’m 38 years old and work from home. My lady and I both use the online training program in our home/garage gym. I have had numerous shoulder surgeries which have resulted in discomfort and weakness with overhead activities. Joe’s program has really been a game-changer for my shoulder strength, flexibility and overall range of motion. The program has almost eliminated all of my shoulder pain from past surgeries. To start off the bike season I was already breaking my last year Strava times uphill and downhill. Like I mentioned above the program has truly been a game-changer for my all-around athletic abilities and I look forward to the programs yet to come!