It has been my pleasure to train with Joe Horwat for over two years. I began looking for a trainer as I noticed that my strength and balance were declining as I advanced past age 62. I had observed Joe training other members at my athletic club and liked the manner in which he related to his clients and his exercise routines. I have not been disappointed in my decision to have Joe assist me in regaining strength, balance, and endurance. He is very committed to assisting you in reaching your goals. He listens to you and works with you to develop an exercise regimen, it is a collaborative effort. During the work out session, Joe is encouraging but not overbearing and always ensures that each exercise is done correctly to achieve the maximum result from each repetition. Two old sports injuries had to be corrected in the last eighteen months. I required a bicep tendon relocation and shoulder repair in one surgery. The second was a total knee replacement. In both cases, Joe worked diligently with me to be prepared for the surgery and the rehabilitation to follow. During the rehab phase Joe, in conjunction with my physical therapist, developed a schedule that ensured that my recovery was successful. Both surgeries were a success and I am now able to use my shoulder and knee in ways not imaginable two years ago. Thanks, Joe!