I worked with several personal trainers before moving to Colorado and meeting and training with Joe. Let me just say that Joe is the real deal! He has taught me that fitness is much more than big muscles and looking good. It’s an approach to “overall” fitness in order to live life to the fullest. Whether it’s being fit enough to keep up with your kids, enjoying all of what Colorado has to offer, or even competitive sports, Joe has the knowledge and expertise to get you to the level you desire.

Joe’s training philosophy and enthusiasm for the “sport of life” encouraged me to get into mountain biking – first recreationally and then competitively. In 2010, I placed first overall in the Men 30 plus age group, Super Downhill series of the Mountain States Cup. Not bad for a 43-year-old. Last summer dealt a setback due to an injury from a mountain bike crash. With Joe’s help, the recovery has proceeded well and I am ready again to compete and enjoy the sport of life!