Before I met Joe, I was a typical type-A executive and spent my life at a desk. Yes, I was active doing actives such as hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, biking, etc., when time permitted, but I hadn’t seriously worked out in years. During this time my back went out very badly and I was in pain for over a month. My physical therapist recommended Joe and his training programs. After working with him I realized what a knowledgeable trainer could do. I now say it takes a village to keep me put together, and Joe is the heart of the village. He views you as a whole person and advises you as such. He did the impossible and got me to STRETCH. He also took half a day out of his personal time to help me to pick out a new bike and helped me test drive it. His enthusiasm for helping you to be the best you can be is amazing.

I travel a lot. In the 16 months, I have been with Joe, I have seen my level of fitness return very quickly when I come back from a long trip. The fitness base he has helped me achieve always remains. I have always been thin-I am now also fit and very strong upper body included.

The ultimate statement I can make about Joe is talking to my 25-year-old daughter one day when she said, “Mom, but that was before you were BUFF”-what better compliment could a mother approaching a big birthday get? Thanks, Joe!