I am in my 70s and have worked out with Joe for about 5 years on a regular basis. I partake in many sports such as swimming, running, cycling, cross country skiing, downhill skiing, hiking, and fly fishing. Sports have always been pure fun for me and I thought all I needed to do was continue being active in those sports to stay in shape. But inevitability I started to lose muscle mass, balance, and the joy of these sports as I got into my 60’s and 70’s. Then I was introduced to Joe’s training programs. He emphasizes functional weight training in the gym with exercises specific to my activities. We do exercises that support the actual activities that I enjoy doing in the outdoors. I now look forward to these actives more than ever and have the confidence to do what I love to do. If you have a sport or outdoor activity Joe can design a personalized program to support you with your active lifestyle.